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Zohra Sehgal(TV and Theater Artist)
rajgopalI underwent a Total Knee Replacement surgery of my left knee by Dr. Rajgopal at the age of 94 yrs. I am now completely pain free and have resumed all my normal activities which includes stair climbing, Shooting for films, walking and dancing. I would like to thank Dr.Ashok for the wonderful work done by him.


Ambar Banerji
Today my mother in law, Mrs shukla chatterjee, is leaving for Auckland with her son and daughter in law from Calcutta. I cannot thank you enough for what you done for her and all of us. All the way from Sydney at this point of time, I can only send you our special message of gratitude through this mail.Possibly she had his Blessing that she found her way to you in this time of crisis. The fact that she is going to undertake such a long flight overseas says it all, only when she was in your hospital a month ago. Your kind approach in her predicament will always be remembered. We also Greatly appreciate the way every staff of your hospital looked after her and helped in her recovery. Our heartful thank you to you once again.

Linda Hersch Dear Dr. Raajgopal,
I am well on my way to recovery and I am able to get back my life again, which I am so grateful to you.Less than 3 months ago I was in constant pain from my hip. I could not walk without a pronounced limp. Life was becoming unbearable as I couldn’t work, I couldn’t be productive. I thought that I would always be like that as I had no insurance to cover a hip replacement operation in the US.Then I heard about you, Dr. Raajgopal and you changed my life.Meeting you put my fears at rest. You are so compassionate and sincere towards your patients. I learned from you, you explained everything that was to happen in terms that I could understand. You are a wonderful surgeon, the moment my surgery ended I felt great relief from pain. You and your staff made my recovery as easy and comfortable as possible. I have told everyone here about you as they were interested to hear about my experience in India and very interested in hearing about you.You have my complete confidence and I would not hesitate for a second to return to you should the need present itself.You are a blessing and a gift to us all.I would send a photo, but my before photo shows a grave, (too) thin shell of my former self. I have yet to have a recent one taken. When I do I will send it to you.All my Very Best to you, I thank you, my family thanks you and my dear friends thank you for bringing me back to my life. Best Reagrds, Linda HerschSan Diego,CA herschappraisals@roadrunner.com

Gen Amarjit Singh
It is about two years ago that I had undergone knee replacement surgery at Fortis Hospital, Noida. I was operated by the most renowned specialist Dr. Ashok Rajagopal assisted by his dedicated and competent team.
I have ever since been living a normal healthy life, go for walks, do exercise and enjoy sight seeing both in India and abroad. I am no more a bow legged and there is no pain while walking.
I shall ever remain grateful to Dr. Ashok Rajagopal for bringing joy and improving quality of my life.
346, SECTOR-28

Robin Olson
I had been suffering from pain in both my knees for the past one year and was contemplating a joint replacement surgery. I learned that the orthopedic surgeons in India are among the best in the world and that they do many more procedures per year than most American surgeons. The latest, state of the art implants are available, and for about half the price one would pay in the US. I had the procedure done by Dr Rajgopal at Fortis Hospital, New Delhi, India Everyone I met, from the surgeon, Dr. Rajgopal, the technologists, nurses, physical therapists were extremely kind and helpful. Overall, I had a very positive experience with Dr. Rajgopal and his staff. I feel I received excellent care throughout my stay and would recommend this process to anyone who finds themselves in need of surgery and must pay for it themself.

Graham Gamblin
Having suffered with chronic osteo-arthritis in my left knee and left hip I recently travelled to Delhi, India, to the Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj to undergo hip and knee replacement under the direction of Dr Ashok Rajgopal. I spent a week at the Fortis Hopsital and then three weeks at a nearby hotel recuperating and receiving daily physiotherapy from hospital staff who travelled to my hotel. The service I received was absolutely first class. The medical team was superb. Doctor Rajgopal was ably assisted by a team of doctors and physiotherapists who at all times were considerate, supportive and pleasant in their mannr towards me. By way of conclusion i would encourage any one in my position to take the same course of action. In terms of expertise and facilities and value for money it would be impossible to find a better arrangement especially when one considers the world renown of Doctor Rajgopal who as well as being a first class orthopaedic surgeon is also a charming and approachable person. I am now recovering well and looking forward to a future of much improved mobility and greatly reduced pain. I have my old life back.
Graham Gamblin, United Kingdom and Kuwait.

i m dr.rusul, fatema s daughter actully when we came here my mother s chief complaint is knee pain due to her advanced O.A but when we addmitted to the hospital we found much of care more than expected and we found all the hospital staffs are efficient (medical staff , physio therapy staff and sub medical staff)and we found every thing improvement and there is much difference from other country like ours) every thing in this hospital is wonderful all its departement especially the orthopedics department because this departement we dealed with it.. and we found that the doctors in this department from the most famous doctor world wide like dr.ashok rajgobal i was so comfortable when dr.ashok did the surgery for my mom he gave me the percentage of successful 200% and i trusted on him and now every thing is allright thanx for allah this the medical staff. so i dont know how can i thank u but i will not forget all that and all my dreams now are medanta and
i hope when i will complete my MBBS my training will become here..
i will tell every body in iraq about that..
all my and my mother regard for u and ur team and thank u so much..
dr.rusul nasir hasan iraq /baghdad

Gerard R Dourout
There is no shortage of fine, private hospitals scattered across India and catering to local as well as to foreign patients. On arrival at the hospital I am immediately greeted by one of the hospital’s administrators and he whisks me away to meet briefly with Dr. Ashok Rajgopal, one of the world’s authorities in orthopedic surgery and the head surgeon who would perform my knee replacement operation. Rarely in my life have I found myself being so pampered and my needs being taken care of so diligently and promptly than during my whole stay at the hospital under Dr. Rajgopal’s care. In Dr. Rajgopal’s instance, he and his team perform a very large number of TKR operations per month on a scale which is probably unheard of in the US. If, as the saying goes: “practice makes perfect”, then this kind of expertise acquired through extensive practice is certainly one of the key factors that triggered my decision to seek orthopedic help in India, the other being of course financial. The quality of medical care I have received under him far exceeds what I was entitled to or could have dreamt of. As to the question about whether or not I experience pain in the aftermath of the operation, the answer is that I never experienced it except perhaps only once and very briefly during the day that followed the operation. One of the reasons may be that throughout the recovery phase, I am being administered plenty of pain killing drugs. And thus ends my foray into India in search for and getting high quality and affordable medical care above and beyond what I’ve ever expected and/or imagined. Mission accomplished with flying colors and many thanks to all those who contributed to make it the success that it is.

Mrs. Vinita Sinha
Dear Dr. Raj Gopal,
Sir, I genuinely extend my heartfelt thanks to you, since today morning my most loving & dearest mother (Mrs. Nirmala Sinha) has undergone total knee replacement surgery performed by your good self.
My father (Mr. R.P. Sinha) has also been a beneficiary and had been operated by you at Fortis, Noida in 2008.
We are really privileged and highly grateful to have you as a Best Orthopaedic Surgeon in our own country and in the world as well.
Sir, you have been like a God for us who made it possible for both my parents to lead a normal painless life.
I pray for my mother for her speedy recovery under your kind supervision.
Thanks & Best Regards,
Dr. Vinita Sinha
Assistant Professor – HR
Symbiosis Centre for Management and
Human Resource Development
Plot No. 15, Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park,
Hinjewadi, MIDC,
Pune 411057, India

Dr Prem Nath Gupta
I was born on the 18th of June 1912 and have seen the world in the true sense of the word- I had been suffering from pain in both my knees for the past few years and had become so bad in the past two years that it had started interfering with my daily routine. I decided that I had to do something about it. Being a practicing physician myself I was quite determined to go to the best name in joint replacement surgery and today barely 15 days after my surgery(and only 40 days before my 101st birthday) I am very happy with my decision to come to Dr Rajgopal. He and his team of doctors and supporting staff have taken very good care of me. I wish to convey to the world that this is a remarkable surgery performed by a very dedicated doctor with very very successful results and that nobody is too old to undergo this procedure in the right hands